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Optimization Services (SEO)


A beautiful web site is great, but if a customer can’t find it, it will be of little use in generating new business.

Search Engine marketing is one of the most powerful tools available and typically, the higher a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic") search results.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and attempts to determine what people search for. Because market trends change, SEO is an active, complicated practice with relevance requirements that are dynamic and constantly evolving.

Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.


My proven SEO techniques deliver measurable website marketing results allowing you to maximize every marketing dollar effectively.

SEO companies charge exhorbitant rates, but as my clients are, for the most part, small businesses with limited budgets, time, and online know-how I include basic SEO in the listed package price.

Ongoing and more in-depth SEO can be contracted separately.

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